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Steel foundations

Construction and real estate law

We advise and represent companies and individuals in all aspects of construction and real estate law before courts and authorities as well as in out-of-court negotiations. As construction law specialists, we also provide legal support for construction projects in all project phases, from development to realisation. Furthermore, we draft contracts and support our clients in clarifying all legal issues in the area of construction and real estate law. Thanks to our many years of legal experience in construction and real estate law, we are very familiar with the customs and practices of the construction industry.

Services at a glance

  • Legal support for construction projects

  • Contract negotiations

  • Preparation of contracts, in particular

    • Contracts for work and services (design-build contracts, general contractor contracts, subcontractor contracts for work and services)

    • Planner contracts (general planner contracts, architect contracts, engineer contracts, specialist planner contracts)

    • Construction management and owner representation contracts

    • Rental and lease agreements

  • Advice and representation in disputes in the construction and real estate sector, namely disputes concerning

    • Liability for defects/warranty claims

    • Remuneration

    • Claims for additional remuneration

    • Deadlines and dates

    • Contractual penalties

    • Construction disruptions

    • Structural damage

  • Registration and defence of builder's liens

  • Advice and representation in disputes concerning condominium and co-ownership law

  • Advice and representation in neighbour disputes

  • Advice and representation in the acquisition of real estate by persons abroad (Lex Koller)

  • Building permit procedure, objection and appeal procedure

  • Second opinion in all matters of construction and real estate law

  • Enforcement and defence of claims under construction and real estate law by way of litigation

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