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Anwaltskanzlei Grischott-Domanig

The pillars of your success

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Our competence is your gain

We specialise in the fields of construction and real estate law, liability and insurance law, contract law, in particular sales law and the law governing contracts for work and services, law of agency and tenancy law.


We are active both in an advisory capacity and in litigation. We represent our clients before authorities and courts as well as in out-of-court negotiations. Thanks to our many years of professional experience and expertise, we can draw on extensive know-how.


The highest standards apply to the quality of our services. We handle all cases competently, efficiently, and in a solution-oriented manner, because the satisfaction of our clients is our top priority.


We are always at your side as trustworthy and reliable partners for legal issues.

Construction and real estate law

Advising and representing companies and individuals in all aspects of construction and real estate law, as well as providing legal support for construction projects.

Advising and representing companies and individuals in contract law disputes in court or in out-of-court disputes; drafting and negotiating contracts.

Contract law

Liability and insurance law

Advising and representing insurance companies, businesses, and individuals in all aspects of contractual and non-contractual liability law and insurance law.

Procedural law

Representation before all Swiss courts and authorities based on many years of experience and sound knowledge in the field of litigation.

Through to our experience in criminal law, we are committed to effectively protect your interests and to represent them with commitment before the police, public prosecutor's office and courts.

Criminal law

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